What is Sexual Education?


Sexual education is not what we are thinking of and certainly is more than what se imagine. People used to think that sexual education is talking about sex, sexual transmitted diseases, reproduction and the reproductive system but is that all?


The answer is NO, sexual education also involve more topics related with our daily life, like communication, culture, traditions, gender, sex, decision making, and much more. Probably you are   asking yourself how that can be possible, my family or in school they teach me that sexual education is the reproductive system and all what goes around it, well the answer is simple.

Sexual education needs to involve all the topics that goes around someone personality, because sexuality not only means what we have between our legs but it also mean what we feel, what we like or dislike, equality between all, and belonging.

Sexual education embrace all the ideas around emotions, feelings, identity, and also difference between sex, gender and sexuality and the reproductive system.

We must learn that saw the world with different eyes and learn that all that is surrounding us has to be in one way or another with sexual education, so we should not demonize the idea of teach sexual education for kids because remember sexual education is more than just sex.



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