Week 11 Lego Class

Legos are more than just toys -yes I know, that is the best- but we need to see them in a different way, in other words, to see outside the box. Kids learn by playing but they are not the only ones, adults love to play even if we do not accept it and by playing our brain work in a different way allowing us to see the world with different eyes and found solutions we will never imagine, but for that we need to play with knowledge, where we won’t be and what we want to accomplish.


Using Legos for innovating sounds irrational but the truth is that is one the best practices I ever was done I learn more about myself and my ideas, I learn how my mind solve problems, but also how doing is the best way of getting somewhere because we usually feel that for getting somewhere first we need to plane and at the end do but by playing with Legos and let myself go I learn that sometimes just starting without idea will leave you to great solutions.


Legos also help for working in teams because and for understanding a whole organization because it is never the same to be working with a white paper and a pen trying to understand how something works than to take an object represents the idea and build it and re-build it until you get what you want. Our mind is amazing and finding ways to get out what we have here is the hardest thing to do but just playing and let it be free is easy funny and you would learn more than what you could ever imagine.













2 Responses to Week 11 Lego Class

  1. Lourdes dice:

    This new trend to organise people’s mind while creating new ideas and personal or business projects, looks really interesting and amazing. However, I find it difficult to think about finding solutions to problems, or even expressing mental concepts with them. I have seen some programmes about the use of legos in creating new business ideas, but I find it difficult to understand. 🙁

    • Cristina Sanchez dice:

      The Lego system works by letting people put their ideas in a physical way and work with them in a way they can see what is happening and open to new options. The idea is to start thinking in a new way, and to visualize all our goals, and ideas and build over it, and change it but with an easy prototype.

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