Startups, millenials and past generations

The new idea of success is based on imaginary facts, because millenials are the generation with the worst payments and our priorities and pleasures are different to the last generations joined with our relation with the technology people do not really believe on us. That have make that new dreams become our future, past generations look for having a job, have a family, a house, retire and then travel, but millenials as a generation is not connected with those ideals, because of that other generations are expecting that we all make our own companies, they all expect from us to be start-ups and they even try to teach us how to be a start-up.

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People should realized that as a generation we learn that it is better to enjoy life while you can,  do all you want to do and travel to whole world before responsibilities attach you to a house, a work and a routine. But been a start-up in the way other generation imagine is not exactly everyone’s’ dream.

That is exactly why the way of creating a company needs to change, yes we are the ones that are in charge of making does companies and it is not presumption is the simple fact that now millenials are the working force and what ever happen in the next years for the next generation is going to be like it or not on our hands. Because we have seen the world in a complex and different way never seen before we have a “different perspective” about the world we all have tried to save the world in our gold years, hippies, punks, women, different generation but same dream, the difference is that know we have all the information in our hands, we can connect with absolutely everyone in the whole world with just a click and a company does not need to have a physical place, or even it does not need to have any product like the bloggers, or the instagramers, but also now the perspective of a company and a product have change in unimaginable ways.

Nowadays people is looking more for the experience, the feelings, and the passion into their lives than just products that promises the eternity, we do not need to focus on how good our product is now that is taken for granted.

So the idea of an start-up needs to change, the process needs to evolve and adapt to today’s life, we need something that help the community before profits, that make people feel part of it and that give happiness to their employees, we need to cultivate around others not just look for owning, disrupting, owning more and kill whatever is on our way, now we need to be hand by hand and learn from what is in front of us and even invited it to be part of the change.

Because no one choose when and when to burn but we do choose what to do with our lives and if we born in a generation were everyone expect from us to be entrepreneurs we will but we will do it in our own terms.

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  1. Lourdes dice:

    If you allow me, I think it is more a need of millennials rather than of past generations wanting them to become start-ups, as they themselves are the ones who feel the need to start their own business and are more willing to take risks for several reasons which they consider valid, such as the lack of job opportunities everywhere as well as the low wages that prevail nowadays. These have made them innovate and be creative in order not only to make their living, but also to create new jobs, new products and new services which are needed in the globalised economic world of today. Another reason, from my point of vew, may be that they do not want to break their necks at work as did their parents and grandparents who went through arduous long working hours to get better job positions and salary raises, thus sacrificing personal interests and a good life quality for themselves and their families. I agree with you that the way of doing business has to be changed for the sake of all. So I think it is a task, a tough one, for this new generation of millenials and others to come, to make the required adjustments, so things can change in the short, and medium-term.

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