Montessori System vs Traditional Education

I choose this two kinds of education because but are imparted in a physical place and in both need the interaction between kids with kids and kids with professors but what we can really learn from one or another. Sometimes is important to question what we have, but also to question other forms, learn from both and take the best of all so we can do better.


Traditional education is based on general knowledge like maths to language. The T.E. seek to lead all the students to the same level by testing them with exams. Exams where they have to write the right answer. Traditional education give people a number to their “intelligence” just by measuring “it” with the exams. This kind of education is passive the students need to be in a classroom in silence while the professor is giving a lecture. Traditional model has been in the world for a long period of time and while in the past decades it fulfil its purpose of teaching kids   for becoming workers nowadays adults and kids have different needs.

Montessori education seeks to develop the personal intelligence of every student. Their teaching is based on active lessons where kids are free to do what they want and how they think is the best form, and professors are there to encourage them to do better. This kind of education is based on mutual trust but also in developing not only general knowledge like the traditional education but also soft skills. Children learn in their own way and in their own time difference with the traditional education where kids learn everything at the same time or that it what they tried them to do but because it is for all some kids might not learn everything in the traditional model, difference with Montessori that seeks to make kids learn in their own way but also in relation with their pleasures.

The important facts of analysing these two models is to take the best of them and the part I take from Traditional education is just the fact that it have been changing since its beginning and the topics that they saw are necessary but the way of teaching is old and outdate and we need to see to a different direction because the world is changing and the needs of people, so if the world is changing way education is not?  Montessori is a different solution that has probe to have better results why not to try?

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