Learning by ages

It is important to have in mind that our brains not always work as they work right know, and they will work like know forever. The learning process is something that we should have in mind before trying to teach someone, and by knowing that we learn different at different ages we could understand a little bit better how important is to have different activities at different ages and not always the same classrooms full of kids and a teacher giving a lecture.

As I said before as we grow we start thinking different, our brains develop before we born until the day we die, that means that our brain is in a different stage depending on our age, that is the reason why a small kid throw things and try to put everything on its mouth but it is also the reason why teens like risk or young adults are better organizing.

Its call Development Psychology and it evolves our physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes in our whole lives. It begins with the growth of knowledge and the cognitive development, our brains have different stages of cognitive development and intellectual process that is how we can understand that a kid draw all animals in the same way.


The first stage of our cognitive development start when we born until we have 2 years, this fisrt stage is named the sensorimotor stage where kids learn trough their senses and they have a lake of permanence that is way you could play and disappear covering your face with your hands and they will feel you really disappear.


The second stage is the preoperational stage that goes from age 2 and changes at age 6 or 7. The important fact of that age is that they only see the world around them that means that if you ask a kid if he have a sister he would answer yes but if you ask him if his sister have a brother he would answer no. They also work by their imagination that is way they think their toys can talk or feel. They also look to the world into centration that means that they can only see one part of a problem or object so they cannot understand that 1 little of water is the same not mattering where it is.

The second part of the second stage kids start to understand others feelings and thoughts but also their feelings and thoughts and with that they begin to understand how to predict a behaviour that is how humans can be empathic to someone but also to know were object are.


The third stage is the concrete operational stage that begins at 6,7 or 8 years and last until 11 or 12. Kids know can think in a logic way of events they have experience but that also lead kids to start thinking beyond them calling this decentration making them see more than just one aspect of a problem an important difference with the second stage.

The last stage is the formal operational stage where kids’ older than 11 or 12 start to think in a formal way with more logic but also questioning what is happening every day.

Know we know the principal stages of an our brains but it is important to understand that our brains also grow and mature with what is happening around us so a kid would learn different depending on its environment. After knowing how our brains work we should have in mind that teaching needs to be develop on different needs and with different strategies.


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