Educational Models

In the world exist different kinds of educational models or systems, although all of them have good parts some have old based that does not work anymore and some others just have more defects than useful tools.

I am going to talk about 5 of the most popular models that exist in the world and how they have affect our society and in what level.



The first model I will talk about is the traditional one, this educational model is probably the one that most of us know and live. You go to class listen to the lecture, write, make come exercises about the topic, the teacher send them a huge amount of homework to do in house, and then change topic, and after a period of time the student answer an exam of the topics they saw and the teacher out a grade depending on the results of the exam and homework.

This kind of model was developed with the industrial revolution but it was refine between the first and Second World War. Because the world start to produce in mass the schools focus on created workers for the big industries, but when the first world war begins the education starts to focus on making robots that could follow an order without asking but also that would be fast doing the same movement or action several times, for helping in the wars as soldiers or as workers in different companies.

This model was and still success because for some people –people with power- is a way of keeping the society down and quiet, but also is one of the easiest ways of teach. Right know it have been prove it is an obsolete method but it is still one of the most powerful educational methods in the whole world.



The religious model is quite similar to the traditional one, the principal differences are the topics you would learn like theology, but also depending on the religion and the place this education still uses brute force for educating kids. This kind of education has very closed mind and any new or different idea is forbidden and banished.

This kind of education is one of the oldest ones is began with the feudalism in Europe, between the 16th and 19th century, people realized they need their kids to learn their future jobs. Religion and the government where hand by hand in those years the religion says it was their responsibility to teach and evangelize kids in order of them to save their souls. It spread quickly in the world because the interest of the people to teach kids but also because the interests of the church to have more loyals.

As you can read the religious model is quite old and its purposes were not exactly knowledge but loyalty and evangelize. This model now a days is mostly obsolete and only uses by very religious persons, and some religious schools are starting to look for new ways of teaching.



Is a method based on self-directed activities, hand-on learning and collaborative play. This method is based on different psychological studies that provided the right activities depending on their ages, it is a more personalized method where the kids learn by doing and exploring, the base of this model is the group and personal develop.

The Montessori Method was established in 1915 on Italy and it spread quickly in the whole Europe. In 1929 she created and organization for saving the method. When the second world begin the method was prohibited on Italy and Maria Montessori was a refuge on India in the Second World War until 1946 where she continues developing the Montessori system. The Montessori Method is nowadays one of the stronger models and it began to increased faster.

It is probe to be one of the best techniques nowadays not only because it is based on psychological information but also it is more personalized helping each kid in its own way and moment.



The home education is the first methods of education before having schools, or mentors humans had families who teach their kids what to do and how to do it. It is not a bad system of education but that would depend extremely on the parents and their techniques, but also in giving the kids enough freedom to experience the world in their own way.

This method as I said before depend entirely on the family so we cannot give an opinion about it, as we could do with other techniques, that have several kids as an study in the same space and moment but also that have a reason and a history behind.

Online (distance education)


The distance education began almost 170 years ago although it was different as what it is right know on those time the professor send a lesson and a homework by mail and the student then send its completed assignment back to the teacher. In the modern decade online schools had born and increased because of distance, time and technology. The online education would work depending on the person and on their compromised with it. This kind of education had help thousands of persons to develop new skills. The new era promises a lot with this model, know we can reach any information on the internet and we could learn in our own terms.

This model is quite new but for that same reason there are a lot of problems that are not being considered. The truth is that this system will make a change and it making a change but there are some kind of skills that need to be learned with the interaction of others.


As we see there are different systems on how to educate and all of them are valid but the days are changing and we need to change with them in order or grow, and I do not mean just adapting old methods but also reinventing and redesigning what we already have.



The Montessori Story

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