Differences between educational businesses

As I said in the past post “Business in the Education System” contemplate education in our businesses can be a great idea we just need to be innovative, creative and to look around for something we could change and make it better. But if we already know we want to do something in relation with education how can we know what to do I will mention some differences between the different kinds of businesses that surround education.



Private Schools or Collage

The private schools are the most obvious ways of business in education, but they are not new and innovating in these area is harder than in other areas because there already a lot of schools and they compete directly with government schools, also private schools have the same curricula than governmental, the only difference could be the professors, and some extra classes or the buildings. Here you have the opportunity to decide what kind of school you what to be it could be traditional, or Montessori or maybe you can created a new model, it is on you.




Online Schools

Online Schools are day by day more common this is because of the facility of teaching and learning without having a physical place to be, that means you can be in your home or in your office and use you free time to learn something new, the courses are diverse and you can choose if you want to do it in one month or in 1 year. Flexibility is the principal characteristic of this education business although some people do not like them and nowadays the market it full, but maybe you can innovate by incorporating something different into the curricula or having games as part as the class.




Specialized Schools

Specialized schools are all those schools that are focus on specific topics they could be sports as gymnastic, or swimming, but also they could be of some specific abilities like dancing or music, non-formal education curricula also go into these category like classes of cooking or driving. We mostly use these kind of schools for having an extra activity of for taking the kinds after school, these is a business area that is open to any new idea or ability the only problem is that you need a space where to work.




Books or knowledge provider (Books shops and printing press)

The business of books is changing now some people preferred to read on a tablet or on their computer while others still like physical books and at the end that does not matter is you know that books are providers of knowledge and you start looking for innovate in the area of providing knowledge and how you can do that by being a printing press or maybe just a brand that check and help people to become writers. Knowledge is a huge area with hundreds of possibilities to grow and innovated.



School and office supplies on white background. Back to school.

Stationary manufacturing companies

First you need to know that Stationary products are evolving day by day, some years ago calculators where expensive and they were used everywhere know a calculator most by scientific or specialized because we all have a calculator on our hands all the days. Redesign a product just on its appearance is not going to make a huge impact on the consumers but by redesigning the concept we may get to something that people need and like, so for being on these industry you must need to be really creative but also to investigate a lot.



Children education material

The last one in Children education material that in difference with the Knowledge providers these area is not creating knowledge but helping it, how? By making toys or games that will help the professor or the parent to explain something. Being on these area means to innovate day by day because as technology, knowledge is always increasing and changing and what you do on these area most be adaptable to the times.


Those are some characteristics and differences of the different educational business areas that could help you to know a little bit more on where you want to innovated and how is the best way.


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