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Week 11 Lego Class

Legos are more than just toys -yes I know, that is the best- but we need to see them in a different way, in other words, to see outside the box. Kids learn by playing but they are not the only ones, adults love to play even if we do not accept it and by playing our brain work in a different way allowing us to see the world with different eyes and found solutions we will never imagine, but for that we need to play with knowledge, where we won’t be and what we want to accomplish.

week 10 class (How do we make entrepreneurs more attracted to innovation & creativity?

On the last decades, the market has been moving faster than ever forcing big companies to innovated for surviving but smaller companies also want part of that cake but with outputting all the effort that those big companies put. That is the reason why Copyright is one of the biggest problems nowadays.

Startups, millenials and past generations

The new idea of success is based on imaginary facts, because millenials are the generation with the worst payments and our priorities and pleasures are different to the last generations joined with our relation with the technology people do not really believe on us. That have make that new dreams become our future, past generations look for having a job, have a family, a house, retire and then travel, but millenials as a generation is not connected with those ideals, because of that other generations are expecting that we all make our own companies, they all expect from us to be start-ups and they even try to teach us how to be a start-up.

Sexual education as a business

Sexual education or Sex-ed as it is call, is a complete Blue ocean for entrepreneurs and start-ups. We need to open our minds and let that multimillionaire area to embrace us in the same way other topics with less importance have. But first we need to change our minds and let taboos go away.

Differences between educational businesses

As I said in the past post “Business in the Education System” contemplate education in our businesses can be a great idea we just need to be innovative, creative and to look around for something we could change and make it better. But if we already know we want to do something in relation with education how can we know what to do I will mention some differences between the different kinds of businesses that surround education.

Business in the Education System

Education is a topic that matter to all of us, we all know that knowledge is the clue for a society to grow. Although basic education should be free in the whole world and there exist some business that already provide free school to the children in their community, education goes farther than just schools and there exist a lot of businesses that can be highly valuable just for being in the education area.

Education has change dramatically over the years and we need to accept it.

The traditional education has change a lot over time mostly because generations have change, but also because the environment and the technology had change in unimaginable ways and they still change day by day, What we can use today as something new and unique tomorrow it could be old fashion and useless. Even if we like it or not the world is changing and the way on teaching needs to be part of it we cannot live in a world where teachers just talk in front of an audience hopping kids to understand and learn when there are things outside the classroom happening at that same moment and know we can saw them just by making a click.

Sexual education as a polemic

Sexual education and all that it involved has been a polemic since many years ago, it is ironic how antique cultures have a whole identity around sexuality and how they understand it as something good but how current cultures see sexuality as something bad or wrong. But way and how we can brake does taboos?

Learning by ages

It is important to have in mind that our brains not always work as they work right know, and they will work like know forever. The learning process is something that we should have in mind before trying to teach someone, and by knowing that we learn different at different ages we could understand a little bit better how important is to have different activities at different ages and not always the same classrooms full of kids and a teacher giving a lecture.

What is Sexual Education?


Sexual education is not what we are thinking of and certainly is more than what se imagine. People used to think that sexual education is talking about sex, sexual transmitted diseases, reproduction and the reproductive system but is that all?

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