Sexual Education in the world

Sexual Education is a tough topic mostly because of religions and traditional thoughts that are spread around the world. In 2009 -almost 10 years ago- the UN start promoting sexual education for all, although they were expecting rejection from the people it was and is an important topic in the world that needs to be taught.

Alphabet building blocks spell sex and education

Alphabet building blocks spell sex and education

Different communities especially Muslims, Catholics, and traditional thinkers have complain since the governments decide to implement sexual education to younger kids. In Canada they make a walkout complaining about new curricula for schools that introduce sexual education to children in second grade.

Sexual education is a topic societies are concerned of, especially because nowadays we are more interconnected than ever and internet had open the accessibility to information in a way never seen before, contrary at what we most think people is misinterpreting the idea of sexual education calling it sexually explicit, radical, offensive and dangerous.

But the truth is that sexual education is something that concerned us all, we all have a sex and a gender, we all one day will become adults and will make decisions in relation to our bodies, and the governments know that that is way countries like United States start with the program for sexual education in kindergartens. The problem is that some other countries or groups still have a close mind in relation with it like the British Muslims representatives who call the program a promote of adultery and homosexuality.

Times had change and the people needs are different but also the thoughts and ideas, we all need to understand that and open our minds letting new ideas into our lives because one they humans thought the earth was flat, we know need to understand that sexual education is part of our daily lives because as it says before we all have a sex and a gender. It is not liberal but learning to become better.

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