Sexual education as a polemic

Sexual education and all that it involved has been a polemic since many years ago, it is ironic how antique cultures have a whole identity around sexuality and how they understand it as something good but how current cultures see sexuality as something bad or wrong. But way and how we can brake does taboos?


The ancient cultures like Mayas in Latin America used to have a ritual for the woman in their period where man and woman participate in it, but also they have women goddesses, and in fact one of the most important goddesses was the goddess of fertility. This talk about how they saw sexuality as something natural but then what happen? When the Europeans get to America they saw those rituals as something that empower the indigenous so they start to evangelize natives and taking away their rituals, Europeans also discover that by empowering men they could control better the people so they make men to start looking at women as something weak and unwise. Years later they understand that by oppressing the freedom of sexuality they could control nations by their laws and religion, and they were right about that. Nowadays we know a lot of things have change but the sexuality steal exist as a taboo and it is time to end with it.

The polemic needs to end the society has change a lot since the Crusades  but our mentality about our bodies still in the middle age were religions rule. We as any other being in these world are made of different biological parts we all have a sex, humans we also have genders, and ideologies that need to be respect not to be punished and oppress.

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