Education has change dramatically over the years and we need to accept it.

The traditional education has change a lot over time mostly because generations have change, but also because the environment and the technology had change in unimaginable ways and they still change day by day, What we can use today as something new and unique tomorrow it could be old fashion and useless. Even if we like it or not the world is changing and the way on teaching needs to be part of it we cannot live in a world where teachers just talk in front of an audience hopping kids to understand and learn when there are things outside the classroom happening at that same moment and know we can saw them just by making a click.


I do remember how my elementary school was, I even remember this teacher who constantly tell us in the future you are not going to have a calculator everyday so you need to understand and you need to learn the multiplication tables, I do remember thinking oh! How cool would it be to have a calculator everywhere I go? I could do so much than just multiply, and if we tell that to a kid these days they would just start laughing at us… Because know they do have a calculator everywhere they go but they also have a whole computer that could answer any question they have in their hands, I mean they do have smartphones.

That make me wonder if the techniques that were used in the past are still applicable for teaching and the truth is that NO, we must change how we teach because let’s be honest smartphones are kicking our asses. Then what we do, that is easy use their technology to teach them, but also we need to make them feel and live different experiences in order to have them with us and not immerse on internet.

Know we need to make them play, to have games, and to make them use internet as a tool as a useful tool, not as a way of get away from classroom. We might not like it but there are hundreds of studies that talk about our brains and how we learn better, there are models of studies that work better than the traditional one, so lets be innovative as we ask students to be and lets change our way of teaching.

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